How to Start a Software Company from Scratch by Yourself

Welcome to this guide on starting a software company from scratch by yourself. Launching a software startup can be profitable but also requires hard work. This article will cover the pros and cons, how to get started, find an idea, build your product, get customers, and more.

A software company or SaaS (software as a service) is a business that typically operates online and charges customers a monthly fee to use their software tools and applications. While there are some free options, most successful SaaS companies earn recurring revenue through paid subscriptions. The benefits of starting a SaaS include high margins, more control over your business, and consistent growth. However, it does require significant upfront work and has a steeper learning curve.

Benefits of Starting a Software Company

Some of the biggest advantages of launching a SaaS business include:

  • High Margins: Software companies enjoy margins around 70-90%, compared to 30% for physical products. If you’re earning $100k in revenue from a SaaS, you pocket $90-100k. With a physical product, you may only profit $30k off $100k revenue.
  • More Control: When using platforms like Shopify or Amazon, you risk sudden suspension. With your own software, you have direct access to customers and control over your systems.
  • Recurring Revenue: Rather than one-time purchases, SaaS companies benefit from recurring monthly subscriptions. This leads to predictable growth and higher lifetime value per customer.

Drawbacks of Software Startups

However, SaaS businesses also come with some downsides:

  • More Upfront Work: Getting an eCommerce store running takes less effort than building a complex web app. Developing the software and marketing it requires significant time investment.
  • Costs: Starting a SaaS previously required expensive computing resources. Now with cloud hosting and no-code tools, software startups can launch for less than $100/month.
  • Doing It Solo: As a solo founder, you must handle both business and technical challenges. However, it’s possible to learn web development and launch an MVP.

How to Start a Software Company

If you understand the pros and cons, here is a step-by-step process for starting a SaaS business as a solo founder:

1. Find a Profitable Idea

Your first SaaS likely won’t be extremely innovative. It’s best to start with an existing model that’s proven to attract paying users. You can create a similar but better or cheaper version. Appsumo is a great place to find potential ideas.

2. Validate Your Idea

If your SaaS idea is unique, validate it before development. Create a landing page, advertise it, but don’t actually charge cards yet. If users enter their info, you’ve validated the concept.

3. Pick Your Tech Stack

Use development languages and frameworks you already know. JavaScript, HTML, and CSS are common for web apps. Don’t worry about scale yet – just build something that works.

4. Follow Competitor Pricing

Pricing doesn’t need to be complex initially. Check what competitors charge and align yourself. As you grow, you can experiment with pricing models.

5. Get Early Adopters

Target potential user communities like forums and Facebook groups. Provide value, mention your product, and highlight how it solved a problem. Offer free trials or discounts.


Launching a profitable software company as a solo founder is challenging but very possible. The keys are picking a proven idea, validating demand, leveraging existing coding skills, mimicking competitor pricing, and tapping into target users. With persistence and consistent execution, you can build a successful SaaS business.