How to Become Your Own Banker and Make 100% Returns

Welcome to the fifth installment of our series on stacking up an extra million bucks! In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into a revolutionary concept that will blow your mind: How to become your own banker and achieve jaw-dropping returns of up to 100% using laser funds. My name is Doug Andrew, and for over 48 years, I have been helping people optimize their assets, minimize taxes, and secure a comfortable retirement. So, let’s dive into the world of safe positive leverage and discover how you can accumulate millions for your future.

The Power of Becoming Your Own Banker

In this section, we will explore what banks, credit unions, and insurance companies do to generate substantial returns, even during economic downturns. Learn why insurance companies have remained resilient through financial crises and how you can leverage this knowledge to your advantage. We’ll look at historical examples, such as the Great Depression and the 2008 financial crisis, to understand the stability and safety of the insurance industry compared to traditional banking.

Introducing the Laser Fund – Your Secret to Predictable Growth

Discover the incredible potential of the max funded indexed universal life (IUL) insurance contract, also known as the laser fund. Unravel the strategy of taking the least insurance needed by the IRS and maximizing your contributions to turn it into a tax-free cash cow. Explore Doug Andrew’s personal experience with the laser fund since 1980, earning an average return of 9.62%. Learn about the unique features of the laser fund that set it apart from other investment vehicles.

Safe Positive Leverage – The Art of Using Other People’s Money

Learn the concept of safe positive leverage, a powerful strategy that enables you to control assets with minimal risk by using borrowed money. Understand the benefits of borrowing from your IUL policy while earning a higher return on the money you’ve borrowed, resulting in a win-win scenario for your investments. We’ll discuss various scenarios where safe positive leverage can be applied, such as real estate investments, business expansions, and wealth-building opportunities.

Leveraging Your IUL for Real Estate Investment

Explore a practical application of safe positive leverage as we look at a client who leverages their IUL policy to invest in multi-unit apartment complexes. Understand how this savvy investor fixes up these properties and flips them for substantial profits, all while continuing to earn tax-free growth on their IUL policy. We’ll analyze the advantages and potential risks associated with this approach, providing valuable insights for aspiring real estate investors.

Headline 5: The Magic of Indexed Loans – Earn While Borrowing

Now, we dive deeper into indexed loans, a smart way to borrow against your IUL policy while still earning growth on the amount left in the policy. Discover the difference between zero-cost loans and indexed loans, and learn how to make the most of this strategy to achieve tax-free growth and substantial returns on your investments. We’ll provide real-life examples of individuals who have used indexed loans to fund business ventures, education expenses, and other lucrative opportunities.


Becoming your own banker through laser funds and safe positive leverage is a game-changing strategy that can lead you to accumulate millions over time. By utilizing the power of indexed universal life insurance contracts and leveraging your policy for smart investments, you can achieve impressive returns and secure a comfortable, tax-free retirement.

Remember, this is just the beginning! To gain even more insights and practical tips, claim your free copy of “The Laser Fund” and immerse yourself in the world of safe, tax-efficient wealth building. Join our community of savvy investors who are taking control of their financial futures. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, as we learn how to become our own bankers and pave the way to a financially abundant future.