7 High-Success Businesses with Low Failure Rates

Starting a business is an exciting venture, but it comes with inherent risks. Many new businesses face challenges and ultimately fail. However, there are certain businesses that enjoy remarkably high success rates. In this article, we will explore seven of the best businesses with low failure rates, backed by data from credible sources. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an experienced business owner seeking to diversify, these ventures offer promising opportunities for success.

Laundromats – A 95% Success Rate in 5 Years

Laundromats stand out with an impressive 95% success rate over a five-year period. Despite no guarantees in business, this statistic is encouraging for prospective entrepreneurs. Laundromats, being a recession-proof business, continue to generate revenue regardless of economic conditions, as people will always need clean clothes. Additionally, this business can be managed passively, making it an attractive option for those seeking a steady income stream.

Rental Property Businesses – An 85.3% Success Rate in Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing is a powerful wealth generator, and owning rental properties is a proven path to financial success. Statistics reveal that real estate investing enjoys an enviable 85.3% success rate, making it an attractive option for aspiring investors. Rental properties offer the potential for consistent cash flow, mortgage paydown by tenants, and property appreciation over the long term.

Self Storage Facilities – A Remarkable 92% Success Rate

For those interested in real estate investing but hesitant about dealing with tenants, self-storage facilities present an excellent alternative. Boasting an impressive 92% success rate, self-storage facilities offer a low-maintenance and potentially passive business opportunity. Advances in technology even allow for unmanned self-storage businesses, further enhancing the convenience and appeal of this venture.

Transportation Businesses – 76.4% Success Rate in a Lucrative Industry

The rise of e-commerce, the gig economy, and online platforms has made transportation businesses more profitable than ever. With a broad range of options, from long-haul trucking to ride-hailing services, transportation businesses enjoy a solid success rate of 76.4%. Though risks may vary among different types of transportation businesses, the overall success rate remains promising.

Vending Machine Routes – A Whopping 90% Success Rate

Vending machine routes offer an enticing business opportunity with a remarkable 90% success rate. Starting with a modest investment, vending machine owners can gradually expand their routes, generating passive income with relatively little effort. The simplicity of the operation, coupled with affordable startup costs, makes vending machines an appealing option for budding entrepreneurs.

Agriculture Businesses – An Awesome 88% Success Rate

Agriculture businesses encompass a wide range of ventures, including farming and related businesses. With an impressive 88% success rate, agriculture offers a resilient and potentially lucrative option for those with a green thumb and a passion for farming or related activities. With the world’s increasing focus on sustainability and locally sourced products, agriculture businesses are likely to enjoy continued success.

Dump Truck Businesses – Capitalizing on Stability with 90% Success Rate

While starting a mining company may be capital-intensive, savvy entrepreneurs can capitalize on the stability of the mining industry through dump truck businesses. With a 90% success rate, this business involves hauling materials from mining operations or serving various other industries like construction, landscaping, and property management. With affordable startup costs, dump truck businesses present an excellent opportunity for a stable and lucrative venture.


Starting a business can be both rewarding and risky. However, by choosing the right venture with a track record of success, you can significantly improve your odds of achieving business prosperity. Laundromats, rental properties, self-storage facilities, transportation businesses, vending machine routes, agriculture ventures, and dump truck businesses are seven highly successful options. So, if you’re ready to embark on a new entrepreneurial journey, consider these businesses with low failure rates and chart your path to success. Remember, thorough research and strategic planning are crucial for any successful business venture. Good luck!